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  • Dealer Manpower Recruitment
  • Jobs at automobile dealerships across India
  • Automobiles Training & Certification .
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  • Supporting both automobiles Job Seekers and Dealer Ecosystem
  1. In 2022 India is 4th largest Automobile market in the World . 2023 India crossed Japan and now world 3rd largest auto market .
  2. 29.6 Crore Vehicles ( 2W, 3W, Car , Commercial , Tractors , EV etc.) are on road in India .
  3. Automobile Sales in India moved from 15.51 MN in 2011 to 26.28 MN in 2019 . Post Covid in 2022 it is 17.52 MN and is growing.
  4. Two wheeler is 79% and passenger vehicle is 10% of the Industry .
  5. Only at Federation of Automobiles Dealers Association 26500 authorized automobile dealers are enrolled .
  6. In addition there are multi brand workshops like Mahindra First Choice , My TVs etc. .
  7. In Kolkata alone there are 97 plus organized automobile dealers . In addition multi-brand and Electric Mobility dealers are there .
  1. 5 lacs people working in different positions at automobile dealerships across India .
  2. Nearly 1 lacs people engaged in automobile dealerships ( only authorized) in West Bengal .
  3. There are specific skill sets that are essential for each of the roles ( ref. next charts) .
  4. These manpower's are mostly not beyond ITI / Diploma rather most of them are 10,+2 or non technical graduates . They learn through experience and there is no professional institutes delivering specific skills for specific role aspirants. Migrations also happens from unauthorized garages to authorized one .
  5. Gap between demand and supply is only broadens with time and with multiple manufacturer coming in , sharing same manpower between themselves .
  6. There are 1400+ Automobile manufacturers that sales and services in India . The number is growing with EV OES in place . Hence huge demand of skilled manpower is inevitable .
  7. There are only handful of manpower consultants who are able to effectively support dealership manpower need .
  8. Most importantly these unorganized manpower unable to deliver with faster changes in BS norms , additions of features and technologies of automobiles with safer- convenience/ comfort – pollution compliance technological enhancement .
  1. Understanding Indian Auto Market: Competition, Market Share, Unique features, position of IC Electric Vehicles.
  2. Understanding Basic Automobile Engineering.
  3. Terminologies: Engine Displacement, Torque, Power, Carb Weight, GVW, Hybrid, Regeneration Gear Ratios, Braking, CBS & ABS etc.
  4. Sales Promotions, Customer explicit, emotional and implicit needs, Sales Demo.
  5. Service Operating procedures.
  6. Repair & Diagnostic Technologies
  7. Customer and Service Database Management.
  8. Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking in Sales and Service.
  9. Optimization in different categories of customer handling and conflict management strategies. Customer retention and loyalty strategies.
  10. Cost optimization: Productivity, Efficiency, resource utilization, waste management.
  11. 55, Safety Health Environment and morale frame work.